Tips to be a good Mystery Shopper

1. Be Anonymous.
You should remain anonymous at all times during a mystery shop.
Do not take any forms or papers with you (especially reports you need to fill out for us!).
Try not to take notes or do anything that would identify you as a mystery shopper.
Pretend that you are an ordinary shopper, just as you would if you were actually shopping or dining for yourself.
2. Read your instructions.
Read all of the instructions AND the report form that you will fill out later.
Know ahead of time exactly where you are going and what kinds of things to keep an eye out for.
3. Fill out the reports on time.
Complete and return all forms within 24 hours of performing the mystery shop.
4. Give all the details
As a mystery shopper you should try to remember and relate as many details and facts of the shop as you can. Being observant is very important.
Names of managers and employees are also especially important. Look at badges etc. for names of employees.
5. Only Report, don't comment.
Your job as a mystery shopper is to report facts and details, not offer suggestions on fixing or improving the restaurant, theater or shop you have gone to. Only offer your balanced observations not your opinions.
Our clients will be using your reports to examine their own policies and work culture so it's very important to let them draw their own conclusions on the reports.
8. Commitment
When you accept an assignment to become a mystery shopper please remember you are committing yourself to the job. Do not miss your assignment date or perform it after the date set for it is over. Fill out your report as soon as possible after the mystery shop.
9. Enjoy
Becoming a Mystery shopper can be a great way to make a little extra pocket money.
Have fun with it. Remember it may be work, but it can be fun too!