Frequently Asked Questions:

Tips to be a good Mystery Shopper

1. Why should I become a mystery shopper?
Working as a Mystery Shopper is well suited to anyone who would benefit from extra pocket money, flexible hours and easy, fun work. Also the advantage, of getting free products and services on certain assignments.

2. How much would I get paid?
As a Mystery shoppers you will be paid according to each assignment given which might range anywhere between Rs. 250/- to Rs. 500/-. You will also get free products and services that are available on many assignments.
Examples of free products and services that some assignments might offer:
· Fast food/ Restaurant meals
· Clothing
· Movie/Concert tickets
· And many more

3. Is this a part-time or full-time position?
Mystery shopper positions should be considered part-time or casual work. Some of you might work as little as a few hours every other month, while others might work 10 to 15 hours or more each and every week depending on each assignment.

4. What is the application process?
The process of applying to work as a mystery shopper is as follows:
a. Fill in all the details on The Mystery Shopper Form and submit.
b. Hiring is done on an "as needed" basis.

Important - Check your email id again as we will be contacting you by email only .

5. What kind of work do mystery shoppers do?
Please see Sample Jobs

6. If hired, how long will I have to complete work?
Every Assignment given to you will have a time limit depending on the work involved. The time limit to complete the assignment might vary from 1 day to week. On completion of the assignment , the forms or reports need to be submitted immediately on the same day.

7. How do I receive work?
You will be contacted by email and informed about the assignment details such as:
· Type of Assignment
· Details of the nature and procedure
· Approved hours for the assignment
· Assignment deadline(s)

8. How long does it take to start work?
Mystery Shoppers can start work immediately if work is available. All work volumes are based solely on the needs of our clients.

9. Are there any other benefits to become a mystery shopper?
There are many benefits to working as a mystery shopper.
Benefits include:
· Extra pocket money
· Fun & Easy work
· Free products and services

10. How do I learn about working as a mystery shopper?
We provide any training necessary if it's required.

11. Do I need previous experience?
No. You do not need any previous experience to join in this program.

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